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Newton Motion golf shafts combine cutting-edge design features like elongated bend profiles, kinetic energy storage optimization, and Symmetry 360 construction with unparalleled convenience.

Not only do Newton Motion shafts deliver performance on the course, but they also offer effortless installation making changing your driver and fairway wood shafts a simple process for golfers of all levels.


Elongated bend profiles are the core design philosophy behind Newton Motion shafts. Unlike most carbon fiber shafts, Newton Motion shafts flex over the entire length of the shaft … from ‘grip to tip’.

Our proprietary Kinetic Energy Storage system, in turn, allows energy created during the golf swing to be stored more efficiently then released in a more controlled, stable manner through impact. This creates more swing speed, more distance, and smooth, natural sensation throughout the entire swing.   


Contrary to popular belief, most carbon fiber shafts are not symmetrical.  Many shafts are mass manufactured in a way that creates a noticeable ‘spine’ that becomes invisible to the golfer after sanding and painting.  A spine causes inconsistencies in flex and in various performance attributes such as spin rates, leading to less accuracy. All Newton Motion shafts are hand-crafted, one by one, in our factory in St. Joseph, Missouri to the highest possible quality standards.  Our proprietary Symmetry 360 design virtually eliminates any spine and ensures consistency from shot to shot.  This is especially important with drivers and fairway woods that provide loft and lie adjustability.  Newton Motion shafts flex identically no matter what clocking position the club is set.


Optimizing the shaft bend profile and adjusting the torque (twist) is essential as the flex changes.  Newton Motion shafts designs are not ‘one size fits all’!

Newton Motion shaft engineers incorporate Variable Bend Profiles for each flex.  The bend and torque profile of every flex is designed to optimize performance based on swing speed, not the age or gender of the player. Golfers with slower swing speeds need more flex and torque, while golfers with higher club head speeds require the opposite. Our unique Dot System allows golfers to select the shaft flex that was specifically designed for their swing.  No more arbitrary and non-standard designations like ‘Regular’, ‘Ladies’, or ‘Senior’ flexes.  Simply choose the correct dot and play a Newton Motion shaft that allows for a smoother, natural swing and better results.


All Newton Motion shafts are available with adjustable driver and fairway wood adapters to fit heads offered by most major golf equipment companies including Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, PING, PXG, TaylorMade, Titleist and Tour Edge.  Ready-To-Play Newton Motions shafts also come with a premium Lamkin Crossline 360 Black grip pre-installed and are cut to modern industry-standard playing lengths. Unscrew your driver or fairway wood head, swap out the shaft, and head to the course. It’s a simple as that!

Of course, all Newton driver and fairway wood shafts are also available raw / uncut.


“I noticed first I was hitting it straighter and I got more distance. That’s a bonus because I was just looking to hit straighter.”

Amy Knauff
Jacksonville, FL

“It was effortless. I was really comfortable with swinging it. I felt like I could trust it.”

Fransico Aleman
Ponte Verda, FL

“The Newton Shaft felt very solid, very, very in control…I was getting at least 10 more yards of roll.”

Charles McDarris
Ponte Verda Beach, FL