Try Before You Buy Program

A simple and easy opportunity for you to try Newton Motion driver shafts with no risk or obligation to purchase.

We are completely confident that you will hit your drives longer and straighter when you compare the Newton Motion driver shaft to your current driver shaft or any other premium driver shaft on the market.

Step 1

Select up to two (2) Newton Motion shafts and add them to your cart.  Refer to our Shaft Flex Guide below to find the shafts that will be most appropriate for you based on your driver swing speed.

Step 2

Complete checkout with your credit card or debit card. You will pay $30.00 for round trip shipping of the two shafts.  A pre-paid UPS Ground label will be included in the box when you receive the shafts you have selected.  Be sure to save the box for a simple, easy return!

Step 3

You will have fourteen (14) days from the date you receive the shafts to try them before returning them to us.  Simply put the shafts back in the tube in which you received them, affix the pre-paid UPS Ground label, and return to an authorized UPS location.

Details - Please Read

NOTE: In addition to the $30.00 shipping charge, an authoriziation equal to the full retail value of the shafts will be put on your card. The authorization will not be collected unless the demo shafts are not returned to us within a 21-day period (providing for up to seven (7) days for return shipment).

Should you use a debit card to process your order, the $30.00 shipping charge plus the deposit hold (aka “security deposit”) will be deducted from your account immediately. The deposit hold will be refunded to your debit card account upon return of the demo shafts.

If the shafts are not returned to us within the specified time frame, but you provide proof that the pre-paid UPS ground label was processed by UPS on or before the fourteenth day from your receipt of the shafts, we will hold off collection of the deposit hold/security deposit until the shipping delay can be resolved with UPS.

If you choose to purchase one or both of the demo shafts, we will charge your credit card for the value of the shaft(s) you are purchasing less the $30.00 shipping charge upon receipt of the returned product / empty tube. If you use a debit card for your order, the value of the shafts you are purchasing plus the $30.00 shipping charge will be deducted from your refund.


Motion Fairway Shaft - 5 Wood - Demo

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Motion Fairway Flex Guide

Newton Golf Shafts are all about the physics. Your fairway or driver doesn’t know your age, your handicap, or gender. So why should the flexes be defined that way? We kept it simple. Find the Dot (Flex) that best fits your game. Our recommendation? Choose fairway wood flexes/dots according to your driver club head speeds. Distance made easy.


“I noticed first I was hitting it straighter and I got more distance. That’s a bonus because I was just looking to hit straighter.”

Amy Kanuff
Jacksonville, FL

“It was effortless. I was really comfortable with swinging it. I felt like I could trust it.”

Fransico Aleman
Ponte Verda, FL

“The Newton Shaft felt very solid, very, very in control…I was getting at least 10 more yards of roll.”

Charles McDarris
Ponte Verda Beach, FL